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We're a team of creatives, developers, and managers focused on delivering tailor-made solutions, enhancing business processes, building e-commerce, and adapting businesses to the demands of the digital world.

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Bartosz Kaluga

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder and leader who's on the frontline of the company's businesses. His role is to maintain good relationships with clients and supervise the project leaders. In day-to-day life, he takes care of his dog, Bernie.

Mateusz Sobejko

Business Designer

Hybrid of a designer and a developer with many years of experience in e-commerce and custom software, responsible mainly for the design department.

Daniele Fontani


Daniele is the mind behind our IT operations. A very talented, open-minded, and communicative lad everyone can rely on. An author of a PimCore compendium and an active member of open-source community.

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How it started

When you start your own business, you need know-how, customers and your own team. You can find a business partner in various ways: by using business accelerators, starting a company with a friend or establishing new contacts. Our CEO Bartek wanted to continue his international adventure from his student years and started cooperation with Sintra - a company operating in the Italian IT industry since 2000

Sintra Poland

The beginnings of Sintra Poland date back to 2016 - then a branch in Rzeszów was established. We started to build a team gradually, working for Italian brands from the beauty & fashion industry and the financial sector. We developed a website builder that had an established position on the Italian market. As we were gaining experience, implementing processes and learning about new technologies, we started to acquire new customers directly and build relationships on international markets.

International expansion

The increasing activity of Sintra Poland on international markets resulted in greater independence in business processes, as well as the creation of its own organizational culture. Over the years, our client portfolio has changed significantly and we currently run nearly 90% of our projects on foreign markets, mainly for clients from German-speaking countries and the USA. We were one of the first companies to start working with Shopify technology on the Polish market.

Our offices

We operate in several countries. Our offices are located in Rzeszów and Dębica in Poland, in the Dnieper in Ukraine and in sunny Tuscany - Arezzo and Milan. Building an international team has made our organization even stronger and we want to further enlarge our team in each of the branches, also offering the possibility of fully remote work.


We work with universities / academic centers (including UITM in Rzeszów, University of Siena) working together on projects and offering the opportunity to gain internships during studies. We are a gold partner of Pimcore. Among us you will find certified eCommerce developers in Adobe-Magento and Shopify technologies. We try to actively support our team in transferring knowledge and obtaining certificates confirming our knowledge.

Digital Business

Human-oriented design
Our mission is to create positive user experiences with accessible interfaces. We design products that serve and last, putting an emphasis on data-driven problem solving over assumptions and beliefs

Crafting unique themes, features and sophisticated integrations into a complete experience has been a part of our portfolio for almost a decade

Custom development
Shaping a vision, enhancing an idea and putting it into motion – that’s a passion we all share

Our values

Follow a code of ethics – conduct your work and business honestly and with integrity

Be empathetic – hear what people have to say, remain open to receive and deliver the feedback, be understanding, not judging.

Expand the horizons – open yourself to new experiences, learn, share, explore.

Feel responsible – for yourself, your actions and the impact your work has on others

Stay reliable – assure people in your nearest vicinity they can count on you and trust your judgment

our offices


    Stroma 16


    Ispolkomovskaya 12a, office 32


    Cmentarna 11


    Via Fratelli Lumiere, 19


    Marco Fabio Quintiliano, 27

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job offers

WordPress Developer
WordPress Developer
8 000 - 12 000 PLN
3d ago
8k - 12k PLN
Sintra Digital Business
Rzeszów, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Front-End Developer - Team Leader
Front-End Developer - Team Leader
20 000 - 24 000 PLN
3d ago
20k - 24k PLN
Sintra Digital Business
Rzeszów, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Senior Front-End Developer
Senior Front-End Developer
14 000 - 20 000 PLN
3d ago
14k - 20k PLN
Sintra Digital Business
Rzeszów, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Magento Front-End Developer
Magento Front-End Developer
14 000 - 20 000 PLN
4d ago
14k - 20k PLN
Sintra Digital Business
, Fully RemoteFully Remote