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SW3 mission is to create a technologically developed world based on Web3, blockchain, IPFS and decentralized mobile applications. You can be part of that story: R&D Labs and software house specialized in Web3 projects. Future is under construction.

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Piotr Sikora


Passionate programmer, architect, administrator of Web 3, IPFS, Blockchain, decentralized world. Smartcontract expert and promoter. Technical leader and mentor, looking for a team of blockchain experts and enthusiasts.

Tomek Jakubas


Career from webmaster to leading the IT company. Passion for finding aesthetic & working solutions for high demands in user experience, efficiency and schedule. Temper in building teams, esteem its spirit and engagement

Vladimir Mitiouchev

R&D Architect

Years with Linux and networking as background. Using engineering and programming as a tool. Creating innovative, decentralised solutions for ideas that looks impossible to deliver by others. Working solutions. Architect.

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Senga Web3

We focus on quality, innovation and teamwork. We know that Web3 is the future and we are not afraid of challenges, hard work and difficult projects. Our projects go beyond standard ones. We explore Web3, decentralize and streamline processes. Let smartcontracts prove skills, not stories. We improve our competences and optimize our activities. We create the best conditions for development. Work life balance plays a special role in our company's mission. We work hard but wisely.

Who ara we?

Senga Web3 (SW3) is Web3-House, R&D Labs created by programming and technology enthusiasts. Our actions are shaped by a strong need to ensure genuine privacy, property, freedom and the right to choose. We come up with and implement unique IT projects. We specialize in Web3. We work with DAO, create Dapps and decentralize. In standard business, we improve processes by implementing blockchain technology.

How we work?

We work on the Agile canvas. Deliver quickly, not too much at once, check the delivered value and learn from it. We share the conceptual work, conduct frequent team brainstorms. Our leaders respect and appreciate new ideas, taking into account the preferences and experience of the team, they teach others and themselves, developing the competences of the entire company. The opinion of team members and the space for making mistakes builds our mutual trust in each other.

Who are we looking for?

You like challenges, creativity is your middle name, you understand that R&D is not just hammering, and problems are there to be solved, not to wait for someone else to tell you what to do. Experienced programmer? Would like to create unique solutions in the decentralized world of Web3, blockchain, mobile applications? Great! If your software development experience is low, the good news is that we have an effective program to introduce you to both the world of coding and the world of blockchain.

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    ul. Forteczna 36

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Junior React Developer
Junior React Developer
5 000 - 10 000 PLN
5k - 10k PLN
Senga Web3
React Native Developer
React Native Developer
15 000 - 25 000 PLN
3d ago
15k - 25k PLN
Senga Web3
Kraków, Fully RemoteFully Remote
TypeScriptReact NativeJavaScript