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We're a software development company using Scala and Angular. We put people's comfort, simplicity, and common sense first to deliver quality software. On the market since 2013. Based in Krakow, Poland.


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Bartek Radziszewski


Founder and the beating heart of the company. Visionnaire, easy going, people oriented, decision taker. You can talk to him about anything. He’s the reason we’re all here!

Antek Grzanka

Product Manager

He’s in charge of working closely with key clients and building relations with them. He organizes our team’s work, helps it grow and advises others.

Piotrek Woś

Backend Team Lead

Expert in the field of backend development, a knowledge base of modern technologies, and most of all a leader who’s open to discussing even the most challenging project and always happy to help.

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Scalaric - check who we are!

We work in a friendly and creative atmosphere where you have the freedom to spark new ideas. By joining Scalaric, you join a society where people care about each other on many levels. We are a group of inspiring and developing individuals who enjoy working together, but also understand the importance of a work-life balance. We love learning from each other, having fun, and creating great things together!

Our team

At Scalaric we are keeping up with the needs of the influencer marketing industry and make our product go beyond the expectations of our clients! Thanks to our solutions, the world's biggest brands can run successful marketing campaigns with the best Creators, all in one place! Check out ours case study at

Our work

We always strive to deliver projects of the highest quality. We work with full commitment and passion, which brings quantitative results. Best practices, congruent workplace, modern tools, and the team itself are the key to inspiring projects of the best quality.

Our office

We believe that the work environment really matters. We appreciate individuality and well-being. There is no dress code, no open space, instead – a kitchen full of snacks and tasty coffee.
You can count on a comfortable employment model - you choose your preferred type of agreement and working hours.

Our values

People - We put people's comfort, simplicity, and common sense first to deliver quality software,
Business aspect - What matters to us is the business aspect and a problem solving mindset,
Quality over expectations - Our quality standard is to exceed customers’ expectations,
Self-development - While meeting client’s expectations, we also keep our own growth and development in mind,
Healthy work environment - Partner relationships, trust, open communication and responsibility are the basis.

our office


    Radwańskiego 15/2

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