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Scalac is the Team! This is crucial. We love to work together. We specialize in systems development on a large scale, based on Functional Programming Languages. We believe that truly great products happen when employer and employee go hand in hand.

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Łukasz Kuczera


Łukasz is our CEO - father of all Scalacs. He loves kitesurfing and of course Scala ;)

Monika Hinc

Head of People (Chief People Officer)

Monika is responsible for our HR team and is the heart of our company. Monika takes care of every employee at Scalac, making us happy and helping in our development.

Kasia Królikowska

Talent Hero

Kasia is a part of our Talent Team and she is responsible for our recruitment processes and discovery talks with candidates ;)

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Scalac - check who we are!

We’re a software house based in Poland specializing in functional programming, distributed computing & data engineering solutions. We’ve got Backend, Frontend, QA, and DevOps teams that build the best solutions from scratch.

Work hard, have fun, do the right thing!

Scalac’s biggest assets are the people who have made the company what it is. With that in mind, we are constantly developing the skills of our developers by motivating them in different ways (development budgets, conferences, free books, etc). Our team members can take full advantage of the opportunities that a remote working lifestyle gives and take their work to different countries around the world. Location is not a problem for us - remote approach enables us to work with the best people!

As a consultants...

We stand ready to provide our clients with the right technology, to not only fulfill needs, but also the potential for growth. Over the last few years, Scala-based functional programming solutions have proven to be the most robust, compatible, and comprehensive. That’s why Scala is the best choice for competitive and flexible systems.

We work with...

We collaborate with companies all over the world, supporting small and large enterprises with domains like:

● Fintech
● Adtech
● E-commerce
● Blockchain

Check out Scalac website to learn more!

our offices


    Czesława Miłosza 9/9

    San Francisco

    1160 Battery St Suites 100

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