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Sauce Labs is the leading provider of continuous testing solutions that deliver digital confidence. Our integrated testing platform helps developers and QA teams ensure your favorite apps and websites work flawlessly on every browser, OS and device.

CorporationSoftware-as-a-Service250 - 300San Francisco (+3 locations)

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Engineering Manager (Warsaw)

One of the folks that enjoyed the rollercoaster startup journey. When Bernie joined, Sauce Labs was a 19 person company with a single SF office. He says: “The system can keep up if the company grows".


Senior Product Manager (Warsaw)

She juggles a variety of responsibilities in her day-to-day role. She preaches the product vision and strategy. With her funny mood and openness, she makes sure the clients have safe and easy access to Sauce services.


Software Engineer (Warsaw)

Just a humble engineer. His greatest passion is to shovel data from the mess to a structured pile. He joined Sauce to kick-start what turned out into the most complex and fascinating refactoring effort in his career.

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Once upon a time

Twelve years ago, Jason Huggins, the creator of Selenium, co-founded in San Francisco (US), a company with a magic name, Sauce Labs. He wanted to give developers and QA teams the ability to run automated tests on every browser, OS & mobile device.

Sauce Labs over past years

Over the years Sauce Labs has expanded into new locations, adding professionals working with the latest technologies from all over the world. The company is enabling organizations to increase revenue, grow their digital business by creating new routes to market, protect their brand from the risks of poor user experience, and deliver better products to market, faster. Sauce Labs' customer list includes some of the largest global brands, including Walmart, VISA, Deutsche Bank, and Apple.

New technologies, interesting product

There is a conviction among the Sauce Labs engineers when it comes to the quality of their work, writing elegant code, creating exciting products for developers and testers, working with new technologies, and a very strong commitment to Open Source software.
“We’re not cogs in the massive corporate machine, but at the same time, we’re not working for a software house. Our goal is obvious, and we reach it together as a team”.

Diversity, team spirit

We represent diversity, work among small teams, and communicate with other branches worldwide, like spending time together and working on the same company goal. Although we are a big company, we are not a huge corporation with its unfavorable traits.

Sauce Labs’ value = employees

At Sauce Labs, we care about our “Saucers”. "We are granted with many benefits in Sauce Labs. The company counts on us and supports our development". "Sauce Labs enables remote work, supports employee relocation, provides amazing offices around the world." "Many social activities help us know each other and build co-worker's integration."

Engineers about work for Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs employees truly enjoy spending time together and respect each other’s work. Employees are given ample growth and development opportunities, and the ability to pursue work in different business areas and locations. The management team at Sauce Labs is extremely focused on personal growth and career development, and this is top of mind when our employees describe Sauce Labs as an ideal employer.

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    San Francisco

    116 New Montgomery


    Złota, 59


    Stralauer Allee 6


    128 W Pender St

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