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We design, manufacture, and place nanosatellites in orbit around the Earth to collect optical data. Our projects are mentioned by NASA's "State of the Art Small Spacecraft Technology".

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Tomasz Poźniak

Chief Development Officer

Chief Development Officer at SatRevolution with an academic background in optical and biomedical engineering. 5+ years of experience in the small satellites industry mostly in remote sensing and its applications.

Adrianna Graja

Space Systems Engineer & Mission Manager

Space System Engineer and Mission Manager at SatRevolution SA. Ph.D. student at Faculty of Electronics, Photonics, and Microsystems in Department of Microsystems at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

Grzegorz Zwoliński

Chief Operation Officer

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at SatRevolution. He’s a business strategist focused on management, sales, marketing, and investor relations. Member of the board of Polish Space Agency.

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The First Polish Commercial Satellite

The devices were placed inside the Cygnus spacecraft carried into orbit by the Antares 230 rocket. The rocket took off at 22:46 CET from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at the Wallops Flight Facility on the east coast of the US.

What's ahead?

We want to change the way of building spacecraft by focusing on small, lightweight, and reliable nanosatellites. Our projects are mentioned by NASA's "State of the Art Small Spacecraft Technology".

Virgin Orbit's Tubular Bells Part 1

In June 2021 we place STORK-4 and STORK-5 Marta satellites in orbit aboard Virgin Orbit's Launcher One rocket. At the end of 2021 we're going to place another 8 satellites, and in 2021, 60.

Building Constellation

The STORKs satellites are now part of the satellite constellation planned for 2026, which will ultimately consist of 1500 observation satellites. We are looking for engineers, and software developers to join our team and help us build one of the biggest Earth-observation constellations in the world.

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