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About us
Rumble Fish is a Software Development House specializing in Blockchain, FinTech, AWS Cloud Applocations and e-commerce. As quick adopters of latest technologies, we aim to deliver cutting-edge functional, accessible and fast solutions.
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Our team
Olga Degtiarova
Experienced in Corporate and Executive Communications, Marketing and PR, Olga ensures that Rumble Fish Blockchain Developement is constantly and consistently achieving goals and success.
Marek Kowalski
Marek stands at the forefront of Blockchain technology. His over 10 years experience in IT, his passion for innovations, insight and vision are invaluable and have deemed him the leading Blockchain developer in Europe.
Bartłomiej Lisiecki
Full Stack Developer
Being over 5 years in the IT field, he isxperienced in Python, Javascript, Docker, AWS, Automatics and Robotics, Continuous Integration, Machine Learning with greater focus on Python and JS backend services.
Our offices

Kraków, Filipa Eisenberga 11/3 - 50.0695672, 19.9674494

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Who We Are
Rumble Fish is a Blockchain Development House with surefire expertise in building next generation blockchain applications. As quick adopters of latest technologies, we aim to deliver cutting-edge functional, accessible and fast blockchain solutions.
Development and Growth
We see each project as an opportunity to show our top-notch skills. If you think you know plenty of stuff, join us and see for yourself that there is plenty more to be learnt. You get an opportunity to work within a team of technology pioneers that share a common interest in building complex software and distributed systems. Training budgets, pair programming, in-house courses and in-house hackathons / hack-nights - it’s all us!
Excellent Work-Life Balance
We understand importance of a work-life balance. We are passionate about creating an unplugged atmosphere - table football tournaments, grill parties in Rumble Fish garden, hiking and snowboarding trips is a part of our ongoing activity. We know that a happy person is the most productive one!