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Room 8 Studio is an international art production and game dev outsourcing company providing external services worldwide. We work with 7/10 the top global publishers and create exceptional projects, bringing the game dev industry to a whole new level.

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Vadym Krayevoi

Head of Art Division

Vadym has been with Room 8 Studio for seven and knows every bit of it. Passionate about each art project and fantastic at pitching, he ensures continuous and consistent growth of the Art Division.

Svitlana Savytska

Head of Games Division

Svitlana has been a leader f the Room 8 Studio Games Division for 3.5 years. She is responsible for strategic growth and keeps taking the Division to new levels and making the team proud.

Matthew Zoern

VP of Games

Matthew has taken every opportunity to push boundaries for almost two decades and never settled for simply good enough. This drive allows Matthew to remain at the forefront of emerging game technologies.

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About us

Room 8 Studio covers a range of hi-end solutions from free-to-play mobile gaming and game consoles porting to AAA game art, television and film animation, as well as cinematics and trailers business. The Studio works with 5 out of the global top 10 game publishers on the most innovative gaming and entertainment experiences on all platforms. The Company’s expertise covers full-cycle game development as well as professional game art from concept to ready-for-release products.

Our mission

Room 8 Studio is devoted and passionate top-notch talent collaborating on the most innovative gaming and entertainment experiences.

With integrity and care, we unite with industry leaders to consistently deliver exceptional creativity and tech. From high-end console and free-to-play mobile gaming to television and film animation, Room 8 stands out as the perfect foundation to support all of our partners.

Our values

Values define every aspect of the Studio's day-to-day life. Being part of the company's culture on all levels, they are shared by every team member and partner. Care, excellence, reliability, teamwork, passion, and creativity are the cornerstones of Room 8 Studio.

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