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Room 8 Group is a uniting force of Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake, and Massive Black - international leaders, providing game dev and art production services worldwide.

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Anna Kozlova

Chief Executive Officer

With years of experience and a unique vision, Anna represents the best leader to Room 8 Group, ensuring consistent growth of the company and the development of a highly competent professional team.

Olena Kycha

HR Director

Olena is maintaining a highly engaging culture, motivating employees, and creating an environment with high levels of accountability, communication, and teamwork for employees of Room 8 Group.

Adam Keating

Vice President - Global Business Development

Strategist and International Business Development Leader with over 17 years of experience, who is privileged to have an excellent international team of business development professionals who embrace a global view.

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About us

Room 8 Group is one of the biggest outsourcing companies in game development. With over ten years in the industry, the Group has become one of the significant players in the game dev and art production, which unites over 1,200 professionals worldwide and has business sites in the USA, the UK, Canada, Cyprus, Ukraine, and now Poland. Room 8 Group unites Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake, and Massive Black, each offering something unique and representing a hub of opportunities for talented people.

What we do

Our passionate and skillful game dev professionals are proud to provide the following services to our partners and clients:


Our values

Even though each studio of Room 8 Group has its unique character and peculiar features, they are all united and guided by the same values - care, excellence, reliability, teamwork, passion, and creativity.

Our partners

Working with 7 out of the top 10 global publishers, Room 8 Group brings games to a new level, proven by many years of cooperation with the game industry leaders. The Group is proud to partner with Ubisoft, Remedy, Gaijin Entertainment, CD Projekt Red, 505 Games, and many other world-famous companies.

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    aleja SolidarnoĊ›ci, SPARK

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