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People deserve more from their money. More visibility, more control, more freedom. And since 2015, Revolut has been on a mission to deliver just that. Our super app has helped 25+ million customers get more from their money. Join us now!
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Nikolay Storonsky

In a former life, Nik was a trader with Credit Suisse where he experienced first-hand the astronomical fees applied to FX transactions. Fast forward to today and he's reinvented the way how we transfer money abroad.

Vlad Yatsenko

Prior to co-founding Revolut, he spent 10 years building financial systems at tier one investment banks. As CTO, Vlad has been at a forefront of our award-winning technology, building a new banking experience.

Wojtek Ptak
Head of Engineering · Revolut Business

Before joining the company, Wojtek focused on distributed systems, Big Data platforms, and applied Machine Learning. He worked with many Forbes 500 companies building data-intensive platforms.

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RevInsider - Technology

👨‍💻From defining feature sets to exploring new technologies and constantly pushing the boundaries of software development, our engineers are at the heart of everything we do. Be a part of something bigger and let’s shape the future of global finance - together.

RevInsider - Technology
An introduction to Revolut values

You put your money in a bank, and they own you for life. That’s how it’s been for centuries. Well no more. We’re on a mission to redefine what’s possible, and to give you a better way to manage your money. More freedom, more flexibility, more of everything. Some choose settling. We choose progress.

An introduction to Revolut values
Why I joined Revolut

We believe that any success at Revolut comes from two things: our people and our culture. We believe that brilliant people operating in a great culture will produce the best outcome. We love building great products, we love delighting our customers, we love turning the complexity of a chaotic world into the simplicity of a beautiful solution that truly solves customer needs. Listen to our stories and get to know what made us start our journey at Revolut.

Why I joined Revolut

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