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About us
Since being established in 1981, Renau Electronic Laboratories has never stopped focusing on being the premier full-service design and manufacturing facility specializing in electronic microprocessor controller applications, research and development, and custom requirements. At Renau, the design and engineering process includes the hardware and software development essential to produce state-of-the-art end products.
Technology is the foundation of Renau. We engineer unique and cost-effective products that are all completely designed and manufactured in-house, proudly located in the U.S.A.
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Los Angeles
Our team
Piotr Marcinkowski
Senior Embedded Systems Engineer
Piotr is responsible for systems design and architecture, development of microcontrollers firmware, research of new tools and development trends, research for new technologies, platforms and components for the projects.
Piotr Bratoszewski
Software Developer
Piotr is responsible for development and maintenance of the Web services with ASP.NET framework, integration of IoT services and multiplatform User Interface development in Qt environment.
Janusz Cichowski
Chief Technology Officer
Janusz is responsible for R&D team management and development, research around the newest technologies, hardware and firmware architecture and design. Prototypes manufacturing. Supply chain. Problem solving.
Our offices

Los Angeles, 9390 Deering Ave, Chatsworth - 34.2407919, -118.5956835

Warszawa, Filtrowa 65/45 - 52.218832, 20.993433

Gdynia, PPNT, Aleja Zwycięstwa 98/96 - 54.494527, 18.5383885

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Resesrch and Development
The Research and Development department located in Gdynia is the place where the novel concepts are becoming the reality. If you are a geek or enthusiast of the newest technologies from the IT domain including Internet of Things, Smart Home, Embedded Linux or Cloud Computing even better if you are a maker or hacker who cannot stand the corporate environment do not wait for a better moment and join our R&D team right now!
Hedquater in California L.A.
When we are not able fly to our headquarter there are alternative methods to be in good mood. We can offer American style coffee everyday for our hard working engineers. There is not any dress code, if you know what we mean:)
Don't waste time in the office
When you visit our US team you will meet great people, everyone will share their passion with you.