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RedStone's mission is to unlock Web3 potential with data-focused products made by DeFi builders, for DeFi builders 🧑‍💻 We value independence, problem-solving skills and eagerness to face challenges - join us on a journey to disrupt Web3 space!


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Jakub Wojciechowski


Software engineer with 10 years of experience in FinTech, including 4 years in blockchain. Previously CTO of, winner of multiple ETH hackathons. Dedicated builder, focused on products disrupting DeFi.

Piotr Pędziwiatr

Lead Engineer

Piotr has over 15 years of experience in the financial and insurance industry as a Software Developer and Technical Team Leader. He joined RedStone to contribute to the Web3, once in a generation revolution.

Alex Suvarov

Senior Software Engineer

Alex has over 5 years of experience as a full-stack developer in startups and corporates. He enjoys solving problems and bringing new ideas to life. He's a true team player with knowledge of technologies and languages.

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RedStone team is solid as a rock 🪨

We are a small team, working remotely & at WeWork with regular catchups to see other teammates, exchange ideas and have some fun together 😉

We believe in product-led growth, where we build something awesome and let our product bring the users. Upon joining RedStone, you will create solutions crucial to the Web3 ecosystem.

As former Google and Amazon devs say: it's a once-in-generation opportunity to join the Web3 revolution - don't miss it!

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    Prosta 20/00-850

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