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Ramp enables easy and safe exchange of traditional currencies into cryptocurrencies. We make it easy to create applications that take advantage of blockchain technology and offer simple payments to users. Our mission to make Web3 reality!

StartupBlockchain/Crypto/Web3100-150Warszawa (+2 locations)

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our team

Artur Kozak

Head of Technology

Artur is our "engineering boss". He started building our Engineering team a few years ago.

Andrzej Wódkiewicz

Tech Lead

If you want to find out how all the Ramp systems work, invite Andrzej for a cup of coffee. He will most likely not have the answer you are after, but you’ll definitely be up to date with the latest posts on Hacker News!

Ania Kalisiak

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Ania loves to connect with candidates and will make sure to give you a smooth ride in our stress-free recruitment process ;)

take a closer look

Crypto for everyone!

Blockchain democratises entertainment, wealth, builds new opportunities for community-driven innovation, shakes up the ancien regime.

We’re inches away from the paradigm shift and Ramp is here to help move the needle.

Expanding our Product team!

We are on the lookout for experienced Senior Product Managers!

Our managers lead few products in 4 areas - Enduser, Partners, BizOps And Core. Product Managers are defining product vision and strategy, their focus is both on discovery and delivery.

We are a product company.

We work in cross-functional product teams to acheive that. We mix people from Product Management, Engineering (Devs, QA, SRE), Design (Product Design, UX) and Data to reach our goal: make users happy while using our products.

You can own the opportunity

We are a place where your career is firmly in your hands. Take the autonomy and ownership we offer and run with it in any direction you choose.

We’re moving fast because the opportunity is too great to wait. This means that things at Ramp can be tough, but they’re incredibly rewarding. Looking for a new challenge? How about one that's never been seen before. A chance to be an architect of an entirely new world!

our offices


    Wioślarska 8


    Świętego Antoniego 2/4, 50-073


    Epworth House, 25 City Rd

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job offers

Lead Product Designer
Lead Product Designer
30 500 - 39 500 PLN
3d ago
30.5k - 39.5k PLN
Ramp Network
Warszawa, +1 location
Product designDesign ThinkingFigma/Framer/Sketch
Senior Data Analyst
Senior Data Analyst
19 000 - 30 000 PLN
5d ago
19k - 30k PLN
Ramp Network
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Mid-level Backend Engineer (web3)
Mid-level Backend Engineer (web3)
10 500 - 16 000 PLN
5d ago
10.5k - 16k PLN
Ramp Network
, Fully RemoteFully Remote