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About us
Welcome to our Software Home🏠. A place where digital products are built, grown & kept safe.

Since 2012, we build and shape mobile and web applications for clients from the USA, Kenia, Germany, Sweden, Poland and many more. We cooperate with both crazy startups to build MLP (Minimum Lovable Products) as well as mature enterprises to bring joy to their products🎉 .

We come from an Apple and Juicy Culture. Our mission is to build products that increase people’s productivity. As a team with full stack developers, UI/UX designers we value clean design & solid code 🐼.
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Software Technology
Our team
Maciej 🔥
Business Development, Co-founder
One man with a dozen of responsibilities. Business Development is his superpower and he basically lives in Excel. A true Lean Startup Lover & UX Design Believer.
Michał ☕
Head of Engineering, Co-founder
Tech Decision Maker. Apple Admirer - 5 times at WWDC. First to be a Husband at Prismake. Coffee evangelist - better don't ask for a coffee with milk.
Przemek 🏎️
iOS Developer
The first #PrismakeMan. iOS Developer by choice and Donut lover by nature. Hardware creator and Electronic Enthusiast. You can't be sad when you see his banana shaped happy smile ;) 1 mln ideas in second.
Justyna 🐼
Business & UX Strategist
In love with Lean Startup & UX. A day without an unusual story is a lost day. Never enough time to make all her ideas come true.
Łukasz 👨‍💻
iOS Developer
Sophisticated humor master. During the day, he's an iOS Developer, during the night an avid gamer.
Adam 🚀
Fullstack Developer
Adam likes calling himself an UX Engineer. He combines React, Node.js, JavaScript, Typescript with a deep design understanding. A true growth mindset evangelist and story teller.
Nic 🎉
Product Designer
Pixel perfectionist with a doze of creativity. He knows how to turn an idea into a juicy design. Makes products and UX better.
Wojtek 🚲
Fullstack Developer
Known as Bob or Wajda. Always has the right answers, especially when it comes to: Rails, JavaScript, Go, Database and DevOps. Knows all standup show on the Internet. Long-distance bike lover.
Artur 🎸
Frontend Developer
As a front-end developer, he makes juicy designs come to life. As a guitarist, he makes Prismake a better place to work at. Already done a few React experiments too.
Daniel 💪
iOS Developer
Swift & Gym are his superpowers. Pragmatism is his core value in both professional and private life. Whisky & Blockchain Fancier.
Witek 📚
iOS Developer
The first Intern at Prismake! Constantly learning and taking new #Goodreads challenges. After a year, we still suspect that he is one of the Night's Watch Members - always dressed in black.
Fuji 🐕
Comfort Doge
Such cool. Much calm. Very comfort. So mystery. Many doge. Wow.
Kamil 🔎
QA Engineer
A bug hunter. Perfection Specialist at work. Magic: The Gathering player after work.
Our offices

Kraków, Felicjanek 10/12 - 50.0646501, 19.9449799

Company insight
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Welcome to our Software Home 🏠 .
Once upon a time, Maciej & Michał combined their passion for
code with a dream to run a company Steve Jobs's style☕👨‍💻🐼.
Coffee that connects people☕.
We love adding juiciness to our apps and everyday work 🍓 ! Work is not about getting from one weekend to the next for us. It’s more about adding a lot of joy and some challenges to all days in between weekends 🚀.
'Typical' Day at Prismake 🐼
There is nothing like a 'Typical' day at Prismake. Thanks to everyone in the team, every single day is unique and full of surprises 🎉 .
New office is coming!
Since 2013, Prismake grew to the size of 13 lucky team members! Now it is time for a new office ;)
70 dots in Prismake's story.
In our office, there is a secret board that shows all the important moments in our history. To see it, you have to visit us on Felicjanek 10/12 ✈️.