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About us
Polidea is a design & development studio delivering digital products. We create human and business stories through technology by turning Clients' ideas into products—from concept and design through development to a successful launch.

We strive to create tech stories that matter, delivering projects that have a positive impact on the society, fuel businesses and provide immersive digital experiences. We are committed to contributing to open source projects and initiatives. Our team is powered by UX designers, software engineers, testers and project managers.
Company size
50 - 70
Our team
Grzegorz Kapusta
Grzegorz works at developing Polidea in all meaningful directions. With more than 12 years of experience in tech industry, he ensures that both our clients and our teams are engaged and happy.
Maciej Oczko
Maciej manages and oversees the engineering team. He fosters a culture of growth & learning and provides leadership in internal projects. He is involved in the implementation of recruitment, PR and business strategies.
Dorota Jaworska
Head of Operations
Dorota guarantees that the internal cooperation of Polidea runs smoothly, meeting expectations both of our Clients’ and team members. She is responsible for reviewing and evaluating business procedures.
Maciej Głowacki
Head of Growth
Maciej leads marketing and sales efforts at Polidea. With a strong focus on co-creating value, he ensures a safe space for open and transparent discussion between engineers, designers and our Clients.
Our offices

Warsaw, Przeskok 2 - 52.2296756, 21.0122287

Company insight
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It's your story that counts
We work with global companies, following the passion of our clients and turning their ideas into products—from concept and design through development to a successful launch.

We are here to translate your idea into a perfectly crafted mobile application, a mixed reality experience, an Internet of Things solution or a whole digital ecosystem.

Tell us your story let’s make it work.
9 years of exploring new technologies
Mobile apps are our focus—for almost 10 years we have been building a strong background for iOS, Android and React Native development, enriched by UX/UI design. At the same time, we believe that mobile is just an interface between the user and the endless technical opportunities that we want to deliver. That is why we have broadened our expertise in the IoT area. Always hungry for new ideas and technologies, we do our best to deliver immersive digital products.
Open-source culture
Polidea is committed to giving back to the industry by creating and contributing to open source projects. We have also created MCE, the biggest mobile technology conference in our region, to inspire an exchange of knowledge within the community.
Join our team of tech enthusiasts!
Polidea is powered by people. Our set of values guides us through our everyday work and offers a deeper perspective on what we do and how we do it. It expresses our attitude, keeps us together and it is always something we can relate to. At the end of the day, what counts is the story we all create.