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At Pearson, we create learning experiences designed for real-life impact. We build learning platforms, digital content and inventive solutions to support students all around the world. We are one of the 10 most innovative education companies of 2022.

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Agata Hanas-Szadkowska
Senior AI Scientist

I am a Senior AI Scientist specializing in Natural Language Processing. The best thing about working at Pearson is the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art models and conduct research on various interesting topics.

Maciej Janiszewski
Cloud and Hosting Director

I am a Cloud and Hosting Director focused on SRE. With my teams we develop infrastructure for global platforms used by millions. Pearson gives the opportunity to work on meaningful projects changing lives of our users.

Krzysztof Jędrzejewski
AI R&D Director

I lead the R&D part of the AI capabilities unit. I've been at Pearson for over 12 years. I started as a PHP developer, and then my role changed to Data Analyst, Data Scientist, DS Manager, and finally, my current role.

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We add life to a lifetime of learning

Learning is no longer a stage of life, it’s a lifelong journey. One that can lead to real growth and impact. That’s where we come in. At Pearson, we believe that learning isn't just something to get through—it's a chance for a breakthrough. We're excited to share our company purpose: to add life to a lifetime of learning.

We add life to a lifetime of learning

The real goal of learning is change

Pearson is the world's leading learning company, but we are really make, the thing we are most proud of is change. We transform lives through education helping people all over the world reach their full potential.

The real goal of learning is change

AI-powered products

Our AI Capabilities team is a R&D unit supporting Pearson worldwide. Our mission is to enable the development of AI-first, outcome-driven products to improve learning experiences. We design, build, and continuously improve AI-powered products to facilitate the process of human learning. We believe that every learning opportunity is a chance for a personal breakthrough.

Find us on AI & Tech Talks meetups!

We host and organize periodic AI & Tech Talks meetups. The idea behind these meetups is to share knowledge, exchange experiences on AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and new technologies in general. Our meetup is also a great space for exchanging ideas and networking. During the meetup, our experts have the opportunity to share with participants the knowledge and experience they gain while working on Pearson e-learning systems. Follow us on:

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