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About us
Northmill is a Swedish fintech innovation company. We develop straightforward and secure financial services for everyone through new technology, innovation and lots of passion.
Since the start 2006, we have expanded internationally and grown into a team of 90 people in currently 3 countries.

Over time we've offered our services to more than 400 000 customers.
We're on a mission to redefine financial services and improve an important piece of our lives. To do so, there’s one thing more crucial than anything else: having passionate people making it happen.
Company size
Our team
Hikmet Ego
Co-founder and CEO
I joined in 2008, and have been present since the beginning. It’s been the journey of my life, and the best part is yet to come! I haven’t shipped code, but have tested a lot of it. Pick a superpower: X-ray vision!
Marcin Ziółkowski
I started in 2012 as a freelancer. It’s been a thrilling ride, I can’t wait to see what happens next! My first code shipped ages ago. We shipped it, it crashed, we got it fixed. Pick a superpower: Read people’s minds!
Michał Górski
Lead Software Engineer
I started as an Android dev 2016. It was like changing Fiat to Ferrari! In less than 2y I became Lead. I shipped code early, but the balance between onboarding & delivery is crucial for us. Pick a superpower: Dark magic!
Mateusz Boś
Lead Software Engineer
I began 2017 as an Android dev, now I work in both C# & Kotlin. I started shipping code immediately; I was given Android app on day 1 and got to work. I liked to not have a long onboarding. Pick a superpower: Telepathy!
Bogusław Buszydlik
Full-stack Developer
My adventure began in 2016 and I’m involved in many aspects of IT mainly with AWS. First time I shipped code, the real stress-test was pushing the “publish” button for an app I created. Pick a superpower: Slow down time!
Bartosz Siekański
Full-stack Developer
I started in 2016, and time has passed quickly! In 2 years, I’ve learned more than I did in the 8 years before. Shipping my first code was scary as hell, but everything went fine! Pick a superpower: Timestream shifting!
Daniel Okoń
Full-stack Developer
I joined in 2017, when I was given a chance as an amateur student. I shipped my first code after a few weeks. Now, after time, perspective and knowledge, I’d change a lot in that code. Pick a superpower: Super strength!
Our offices

Stockholm, Färögatan 33 - 59.401687, 17.9464362

Katowice, Uniwersytecka 20 - 50.2614467, 19.030784

Helsinki, Bulevardi 14 A - 60.1651468, 24.9399721

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and you will always have a shoulder to lean on and a good reason to celebrate...
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"We have 0% ratio of IT engineers who don't care about what they do. That's the part I love."

"We are a big family and you can feel it in every aspect, all members are full of passion, creativity, and inner momentum."

"There are no boundaries, you can talk to anyone about anything."

"We are not ordinary developers. We are business partners and we are delivering real value to our company and clients."

"We are full of awesome people who make you feel that what you do really matters."
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