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About us
We are an independent cloud-native organisation, our team delivers customer-tailored advisory, cloud strategy consulting, migration planning and execution, cloud automation, cloud management, cloud platform capacity resale, cloud application development and training to our customers.

We build a straightforward working team of highly skilled Cloud Architects, Developers and Consultants that work with public cloud and the related features all day in and out.

Education and learning is a visible part of our daily life and growth takes place outside the comfort zone right to #TheCloudRevolution
Company size
Cloud computing
Our team
CTO / Head of Engineering
Energetic geek with passion to distributed systems and modelling with formal methods, highly knowledgeable about clouds. Dynamic & supportive man of action. He simply rocks!
Country Manager
Extremely engaged in building our growth. Makes sure things work like they should. Agile enthusiast & business techie. Awesome, active & driving motivator. That's the spirit!
Team Lead / Azure Cloud Architect
MS Azure booster with a real dedication to promotion of modern solutions. Develops professionally the teams of Azure & migration experts. Great business partner and coworker. Microsoft MVP Azure.
Our offices

Poznań, plac Wiosny Ludów 2 - 52.405488, 16.9317931

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Nordcloud is a European leader in public cloud infrastructure solutions and cloud native application services.
We work with leading public cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Our team consists of 450+ employees in 12 cities all across Europe.
Ever wondered what it's like to work at one of Europe's leading public cloud companies? Say hello to some of our Experts with Superpowers and find out more...
Meet us
We love to attend, support and sponsor the best events!
Sharing knowledge is among our core values. Across the Europe you can meet us at MS Tech Summit, Azure Day, AWS Summit, AWSome Day, Cloud Builders' Day, Google Cloud Day, MS Ignite the Tour, local meet-ups, bootcamps and much, much more...

... just stay tuned!
Little party? Never killed nobody!
We celebrate our results and growth!
On a daily basis no problem with playing darts, every Friday we go to play squash... and from time to time we love to check what's up in our favourite pubs, the shooting range, who's the winner of the laser tag and so on...
You can join and play with us! ;)
Some cases we work on
We architect clients' infrastructure to include a completely elastic and scalable capacity solution, allowing them to scale up and down as required.
We provide incident response, backups and operating system patching as a part of the solution.
We come in and build the infrastructure sitting on a desk next to clients' and then iterate it until it runs as planned and deliver the promised benefits.
We enable dev teams to harness the power of AWS according to agile and continuous principles.
It's time to join #TheCloudRevolution
What value will the cloud deliver? As a cloud native market leader we’ve helped over 500 customers harness the power of the cloud by delivering IaaS. There are several reasons why clients decide to move their business to the cloud sooner rather than later;
☁Speed, ☁ Scalability, ☁ Costs, ☁ Agility, ☁ Time, ☁ Security, ☁ Convenience, ☁ Reliability, ☁ The Environment

You wanna be a part of this?
Never ending recruitment story
Of course we grow... which means we hopefully can find a place for you in our awesome team!

Colleagues wanted:
Managed Cloud Engineers 24h support, AWS Cloud Architects,
Azure Cloud Architects.
Only experts can teach
This is the unique initiative... Talent Acceleration Program.

You may be part of a great group of 10-15 people participating in the programme. You will have a technical mentor and training coach to help you. In the end you will be a MS Azure cloud super guru ready for our demanding client projects in our Implementation team as a Cloud Engineer working with our Sr Cloud Architects.
How many belts you get – it's totally up to you!