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Technologies, expertise, and right attitudes behind globally scaling business. An 800-strong team in Europe and Asia specializing in technologies and processes in areas such as e-commerce/retail, mobility, transport & logistics, travel.

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Paulius Insoda


A racing driver and a motorsports community builder in Lithuania. Throughout 18+ years at NFQ he has clearly made his own way: from software developer & sysadmin to project manager and eventually becoming our CEO.

Tadas Gliaubicas


PHP and Java developer turned team lead and CTO within 6 years. Pigeon breeder. People's person. You can call him (Pan) Tadeusz :)

Audrys Kažukauskas

CTO at HomeToGo

Former professional basketball player and VP Technology at KAYAK, current CTO at HomeToGo, the world's biggest vacation rental marketplace developed from the first line of the code at NFQ.

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So, who are we?

Partner of digital transformation and digital innovation that defines business success. We build technologies and, most importantly, make decisions for companies such as KAYAK, HomeToGo and home24. Very often – from day one and from scratch.

Why Cracow?

We know where the best talents live. We applaud Cracow’s no-shortcuts and no-BS attitude that is prevalent in this vibrant and diverse ecosystem. Fun fact: our colleagues were having teambuildings in the Cracow region years before we decided to expand here.

Why us?

All we are offering is true freedom to find your own solutions, to learn and advance within successful teams. That's possible because our customers choose for solutions in the broadest sense - not just 'technologies' or 'hours'.


Trust us, we have all that usual jazz and more. Also, we have a truly working Work From Anywhere Policy, so our colleagues are based in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Sweden and Albania. We know how to party, and yet we take your personal life super seriously.

Brands you will develop solutions for?

Brands we work with are changing the world in areas such as travel, e-commerce, mobility, omnichannel and logistics. Some of them went on to become unicorns. Partners like HomeToGo, KAYAK, Rocket Internet, home24, InterNations, Atlantic Express Corp., Alaiko, Weezy and many others rely on our 20 years of know-how in large-scale web and mobile solutions.

What else?

Management with a tech background. No pointless politics. No legacy code (unless customers need our help) & always open doors to use something new. Challenging ourselves one day at a time. Understanding and changing businesses and processes on top of technologies. Constantly raising the bar higher. Knowledge sharing. Fun. Let's have a chat?

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    Brastos street 15


    Diamante Plaza


    Business stadium


    Tilzes street 157


    Stadtberger Strasse

    Da Nang

    Hai Chau District


    Samyan Mitrtown


    High Street Plaza

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