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Slava Ukraini! We're 20 people in Warsaw, soon to grow to 70, making an AR mobile walking game with a big Hollywood franchise. It's a secret but one of the big ones like Harry Potter. See our funny video:


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Johnny Monsarrat


Former founder and CEO of Turbine, which Warner Bros. bought for $160MM. We pioneered a new category, MMO games, with Lord of the Rings Online, Asheron's Call, and Dungeons & Dragons Online.

David Anderman


Former COO of Lucasfilm Ltd., George Lucas’s entertainment empire for Star Wars. Former top lawyer at SpaceX.

Jack Tretton


Was President of Sony's PlayStation division for 9 years. Was VP Sales at Activision.

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Your chance to grow as we grow!

We have a budget for joint trips to tourist attractions, games, dinners, all paid by the company.

Unlike most game companies:

-- We’re a well-managed, cool company with no drama and no crunch time or other overtime,

-- We pay well, work in the CET time zone on flexible hours

-- We’re working on something really massive, a new category of game with lots of fun challenges.

-- We are a very modern company that respects diversity and creates an inclusive environment for all viewpoints.

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    Krakowskie Przedmieście 48/50

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