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MEV is an international software development company. Since 2006 our team has delivered dozens of projects. We continuously improve processes by providing an environment where everyone has a voice, influence, and opportunities for growth.

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COO and VP of Delivery

Seasoned professional with deep expertise in process management, operations, technology solutions, and win-win strategies with a focus on simple, clear, and flexible processes.


Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, engineer, and CEO with a fundamental belief that every problem is an opportunity in disguise. Passionate about helping businesses win with the right technology.


Director of Software Development

Responsible for Software Engineers' team, helping their career growth and making sure the right talents are in the right places to support high-quality standards of development.

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About us

MEV is a software development company based in the United States and Ukraine. It was named after the mega-electronvolt, a unit of energy measurement in physics. We convert our own energy into creating valuable products, and we value excellence over quick results.

We care about what we do

Finding out the "Why?" is more important to us than the "How?”
Before taking up a project or a particular task we clarify the key problem our clients face in order to offer the best technical solution.

We are interested in ensuring that the project team clearly understands its purpose, the meaning of tasks, and the final result. Each of our tasks is related to a user story, which helps meet milestones identical to product goals. Our team won't "code a feature" if it doesn’t bring any value.

We care about how we do it

Our strength is in our intelligent approach to quality. We make it better with the right technology. This is only possible with a qualified team.

At MEV, we create opportunities for professional growth. This is thanks to our high quality standards of development, complexity of tasks, regular performance reviews, and teamwork with skillful colleagues. With us you can take part in all stages of the development process, starting from the discovery and architecture, to influencing the final result.

We care about the atmosphere

MEV was founded by an engineer, so pragmatism and consistency influence our management style. We manage systems, not people. Our business processes are simple, clear, and flexible. An engineering culture cannot be developed under strict conditions, and therefore micromanagement and bureaucracy are unacceptable to us.

We know that really great projects are created in an environment where you can select your own solutions, ask any questions, and are unafraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

We care about you and your opinion

We are guided by the “win-win” principle in our relationships with our clients and
colleagues. We believe in building a working relationship based on partnership, respect, and trust.
Our feedback culture helps us continuously improve the employee experience. We respect everyone's opinions,
find common solutions, and give you freedom of choice. You can choose a project, a technology stack,
and a role to make meaningful contributions to what we really care about.

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    Walnut Creek

    Botelho Drive Str, 334


    Mykoly Voronoho Str, 3


    Pushkina Str, 100

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job offers

Middle PHP Engineer
Middle PHP Engineer
3 000 - 4 500 USD
1d ago
3k - 4.5k USD
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
SlimCodeIgniterPHP v7.4
Front End Engineer (React.js)
Front End Engineer (React.js)
3 000 - 4 000 USD
2d ago
3k - 4k USD
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Agile Delivery Manager / Scrum Master
Agile Delivery Manager / Scrum Master
2 300 - 4 000 USD
2d ago
2.3k - 4k USD
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Project ManagementAgileEnglish