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About us
Making Waves is a full stack IT consultancy that creates digital industry leaders and helps them embrace digital transformation. Best described us a cross between a creative software house and an interactive agency, we design and develop a full range of digital services and solutions.

We are a global organization, but our roots & values lie in Scandinavia. We’re proud of this, as we think that an emphasis on equality, respect, and a work-life balance creates a more productive and successful company. The key to our success can be summarized in two words: People first!
Company size
IT & Digital
Our team
Dariusz Macina
Managing Director
Experienced manager with extensive background in delivering digital products and services. Fascinated by variety of areas from strategy and business development through agile software development to cultural differences.
Mirosława Zimoń-Niewczas
HR Manager
Norwegian speaking HR manager fascinated by people and how different they can be. Supportive of new initiatives and believing in acting rather than presuming that things can’t be done. Enthusiast of deep conversations.
Aleksandra Celka
People & Communications Specialist
People specialist with contagious enthusiasm who's always on the lookout for the positive in the situation. Quick to smile, generous with praise, truly believing each individual is a work in progress.
Our offices

Kraków, ul. Adama Asnyka 9 - 50.0671802, 19.9349333

Oslo, Wergelandsveien 15 - 59.9192447, 10.7310725

Stockholm, Drottninggatan 92 - 59.337083, 18.0583569

New York, 60 Hudson Street, Suite 1807 - 40.7177228, -74.0082994

Company insight
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Making Waves' lifestyle
Here at Making Waves we have always had a dream, an ambition to invite only exceptional People to join our Team. Those, who are full of passion and different talents, open and sharing wide experience. Thanks to the great amount of creativity of our enthusiastic People on board, we are successful at making company’s vision come true every day - “A Great Place to Work”.
Making Software - new event on the map!
Making Software is a conference / meet-up about software development for professionals. It’s an evolution of our previous meetups for developers.

The purpose of Making Software is to share knowledge and experience. However, the conversation won’t end with technology, we also focus on software craftsmanship and inspiration. We strive to create an opportunity for networking, exchanging ideas, and learning from professionals.
Making Waves gets fit for charity
Making Waves’ initiative - Burn for Money - was launched in 2016, with the double intention to give to charity and encourage staff to get involved – and perhaps a bit fitter. It is very simple: Depending on the amount of exercise participating employees do, Making Waves makes a donation to organizations or individuals in need. So the more we move, the more we give!