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At limango, we've been in e-commerce for 17 years. We're part of the OTTO Group, one of Europe's top e-commerce companies, along with platforms in Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany. We're the shopping platform with the biggest selection of products for the whole family! We work and play together. We value work-life balance and create a culture of respect, trust, and equality. If you're looking for a company that shares these values, we'd love to have you on board.
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Senior Data Engineer

Limango Polska
4.58K - 5.94K USD
Wrocław, +4Locations

Our team

Adam Dacko
Head of IT

Experienced IT manager, with a keen interest in the best development standards and good architectural approaches. Fan of DDD and self-organising teams. Proud owner of the dog Rumpel and the boat Płotka.

Daniela Zavelca
Engineering Lead

I'm dedicated to nurturing team excellence and setting an example for my colleagues. As an avid developer, I relish coding and embrace every new challenge that comes my way.

Robert Glaser
Director Product

I'm responsible for shaping the vision and strategy of our products. I lead teams to innovate, align products with business goals, and ensure they deliver value to limango.

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Discover limango!

Since 2007, limango has been offering a wide range of products, from clothing to home goods. Join our free membership for exclusive access to limited-time sales events. With over 22 million members, our flash-sale model keeps things exciting. We've got offices in Poland and Germany, and over 600 dedicated employees who ensure top-notch service. Explore 2,600 fashion brands, 588,000 articles, and a Marketplace. Plus, you can enjoy our comprehensive travel platform for family adventures. Shop now and experience the thrill of saving.

How do we work at limango?

We may differ in many ways, but we all possess the same 'limango factor' - a collective dedication to our goals, whether personal or shared. Our motivation stems from a sense of purpose, driving us to support and inspire one another as each contribution holds significance. Every day, we emphasize cultivating a positive environment and fostering clear communication, solidifying our unity as a close-knit team, both within and beyond the office walls. We seek individuals who are enthusiastic learners, proactive in seizing opportunities.

Campaigns drive us, they're the heartbeat!

At limango, we focus on running campaigns, not political or advertising ones. Each day, we launch new product sales. Campaigns involve offering one brand or product range. Buyers source suppliers, negotiate prices, while the campaign coordination and content creation team make sure everything looks great. Marketing works hard to reach interested parties, with the graphics team helping out. Customer service makes sure customers are happy, while IT keeps everything running smoothly.

Our office

Even if you've never been to our office, finding us is a breeze. We're located right in the city center, in Pokoyhof passage, near Nowe Horizonte cinema, Charlotte, and Rum Bar. You'll find us in a modern loft-style office.

Blog post

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Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

4 575 - 5 936 usd
Limango Polska