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We are a Creative Technology Partner - we deliver complete solutions including strategy, branding, UX/UI design, development, infrastructure, and maintenance - all in-house. We work with top talents, for top brands: IBM, Verizon, Google, and more.

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Founder, Technical Director

TEDx speaker, mentioned in Taschen's "Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today", Tech Lead on "Star Wars: Lightsaber Escape", winner of Emmy, Cannes Lions, and countless FWAs. Hands-on every day.


Head of Web Development

Expert in TypeScript, React, and technical processes. Started as a mid developer in 2018 and has quickly proven to be a talented leader and technologist. Tobiasz manages the web development team.


Marketing Specialist

As part of the Marketing Team, Gosia runs our social media channels. Thanks to her exceptional communication skills, she is getting involved in multiple client relationships and written publications.

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Established in 2011 in Łódź, Poland, we are now part of the quarter-century-old UNIT9 Group.

Each day we're managed and run independently, executing our internal strategy, vision, and passion.

But we are also proud and happy knowing that there are four other sister companies within the UNIT9 umbrella who we can reach out to, be it to collaborate on projects or hear what life and business currently are in LA.

Incredible projects - IBM & the likes

Over the 11+ years we've been on the market, we managed to establish a leading position in the world of creative development. This allows us to work with some of the world's biggest and coolest brands.

Here you can see a sneak peek from our recent collaboration with IBM where we developed a WebGL-powered, gamified website for their IBM Think event, showcasing the power and flexibility of IBM's IT Infrastructure offering.

By joining our team, you'll manage to work on even cooler projects!

Product development

Besides the ultra-shiny, creative gems, we also build sophisticated platforms, including full-blown social networks, React Native apps with complex business logic, internal products, Machine Learning tools, and AR/VR games.

The spectrum of work will allow you to switch between multiple types of projects, or it will let you pursue a career in one specific direction.

We're flexible, adjusting the role to your ambitions, not the other way round!

World leaders

Our creativity, skill, and efforts are being undoubtedly valued across the globe.

FWA - the most renowned contest and ranking of digital companies within the creative industry ranks UNIT9 as a group on the world's 2nd place, and Le Polish Bureau individually on 26th (out of almost 6,000 ranked), just between Google and Wieden+Kennedy.

Professional workflow

We are a primarily technical company, which means that besides creating works that are beautiful on the outside, we care about how they are made inside and using what process.

We work in SCRUM, with projects being managed by PRINCE2-certified team. We do proper planning, use Jira, we value retrospectives.

Our projects auto-scaling Google Cloud infrastructure is set up by Terraform, while the code undergoes peer-review, tests, and is deployed by our Bitbucket CD Pipelines.

Team spirit, on-site and remote

We are a family. Our business's primary goal is to provide an optimal working environment for our team to thrive.

We know that the only way for our projects to succeed is to have our teams collaborate efficiently. Support is our first method of reacting to issues.

Don't get us wrong - we work hard. The job is challenging and demanding. We don't play pool or Fifa all day long. We pursue our professional dreams and we unleash our creativity. But along the way, we support each other.

Company values

- Promote talent and passion
- Provide working conditions in which our team can thrive
- Motivate, challenge, inspire
- Utilise talent for creative tasks. Ideally never repeat the same manual action twice. Automate what can be automated, as soon as we can.
- Experiment and accept occasional failure to give chance to systematic success.

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