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L2BEAT is a unique project that works at the forefront of Ethereum scaling. Over a few years we've developed a product that has become the most reputable source of information about L2s, trusted by community and supported by the Ethereum Foundation.
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Bartek Kiepuszewski

Bartek Kiepuszewski has been a blockchain architect at MakerDAO since 2017. He also co-founded l2beat.com and TokenFlow Insights. Bartek holds a PhD in computer science from Queensland University of Technology.

Jacek Czarnecki

Jacek Czarnecki is a top crypto lawyer who worked at MakerDAO and advised many well-known web3 projects. At L2BEAT, Jacek takes care of strategy and operations.

Piotr Szlachciak

Piotr is a passionate programmer who fell in love with the Ethereum ecosystem. He co-founded L2BEAT to use his powers for good and write software that empowers other people with knowledge.

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The independent watchdog of the L2

What sets L2BEAT apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and reliable information. We strive to be an impartial and independent entity that acts in the best interest of users and the broader Ethereum ecosystem while always remaining credibly neutral and faithful to reality and facts. We deliver data and tools that allow our community to educate themselves, transact securely, and make well-informed decisions focused on L2 solutions.

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