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We’re transforming the world’s largest industry. Knowde is building the world’s largest B2B marketplace for chemicals, polymers and ingredients. We’re transforming the way the $5 trillion chemical industry does business.

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An experienced technology leader with advanced skills in machine learning and data acquisition


Director of Engineering

Engineering leader with rich experience working in high-tech industry.


Engineering Manager

Enthusiast of performance optimisation and runtime parallelisation. Go / Ruby / Python / SQL expert.

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About us

We’re transforming the world’s largest industry.

Knowde has organized the world of chemistry in a marketplace experience where buyers can search, filter, sample, quote, collaborate and purchase from every major chemical producer on earth – all in one place.
We offer manufacturers modern digital marketing, collaboration and commerce tools that bring customers to their storefronts, and are powered by a proprietary analytics system designed to drive data-driven decision making for the digital age.

Why Knowde

Knowde is your chance to join a hyper-growth, well-funded Series A start-up backed by Sequoia Capital, Bee Partners, Refactor Capital, Cantos, Knollwood Investments.
Sequoia Capital is the premiere Silicon Valley venture firm. They helped launch Apple, Google, Facebook, Zoom, LinkedIN, AirBnB, and many, many more. Sequoia only invests in companies that have the potential to change the world: Their portfolio companies have a combined value of $3+ trillion.

Joining a Series A company

Joining a series A company is like entering the ground floor of a skyscraper that is under construction. Our salaries are very competitive, but the real compensation comes from Knowde’s equity participation that opens the door for long-term value. We’ll build this company together, forming and establishing our repeatable processes and methods and providing ample opportunity for you to take ownership of projects and make your mark. Together, we’re creating a company that will change the world.

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