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Our mission is to provide and influence the evolution of technological solutions that simplify the everyday life of citizens in Denmark. We combine Polish dynamics, efficiency and innovation with Danish hygge, trust and knowledge sharing approach.

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Head Of Development

Marcin is a Head of Development in Energy Solutions division in KMD. He is a technology enthusiast and great fun of lean product development. Over 15 years of experience delivering large scale software systems.

Lead Recruitment Partner

Weronika has been recruiting for over 9 years, over 3 years in KMD. Privately - a fan of Marvel and crazy travels.

VP and Managing Director

Darek has been responsible for the dynamically growing polish affiliate of KMD. His area of business responsibility includes critical projects, IT and security services mainly from highly restricted and regulated sectors

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KMD Summer Party 2022

Look how #GoodToBeInKMD ;)

KMD Summer Party 2022

KMD ScandiQuiz

Video summary of the first edition of KMD ScandiQuiz. KMDScandiQuiz was a knowledge competition dedicated to teams which had a charity dimension. The main prize was donated to Polish Red Cross (Polski Czerwony Krzyż) which supports Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. All companies participating in the quiz donated a total of PLN 48,000.

KMD ScandiQuiz

Kick-start your career in IT

History of Ania, KMD Talent Lab

Kick-start your career in IT

KMD Christmas Party

This is how we are having fun! :)

KMD Christmas Party

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Pursue a career in IT - Join KMD!

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