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Klika Tech is an IoT & cloud product and solutions award-winning development company headquartered in the U.S. with development and management locations across North and South America, Europe and Asia.
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Our team

After more than 15 years of delivering successful software projects to global clients Val co-founded Klika Tech to help companies succeed in the IoT-driven world.


With more than 25 years of global experience in Management, Operations, Sales, and Product Development Gennadiy leads Klika Tech’s mission and strategy to provide the IoT-driven solutions to companies around the world.


Andrew has 10+ years of experience in software development. He joined Klika Tech shortly after formation and after several years of successfully delivering projects rose to the position of Head of Delivery and R&D.

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Who we are

Klika Tech is an IoT & cloud product and solutions award-winning development company headquartered in the U.S. with development and management locations across North America, Europe and Asia. Klika Tech is an AWS IoT Competency, DevOps Competency, Digital CX Services Competency and an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network.

Why Internet of Things?

We’re helping businesses solve problems in ways never before possible. Billions of physical devices around the world are now connected to the internet transforming data into business intelligence. IoT is a convergence of technology. It is an opportunity to develop in all directions, creating products from scratch. IoT is showing tremendous growth rates every year. Interacting devices combine into huge smart ecosystems. There’s no doubt that IoT is the future of technology.

What are our landmark projects?

• The first of its kind wheelchair solutions that uses cloud and sensor-fusion technologies to provide security, stability, and connectivity for power wheelchairs to prevent collisions. • Industrial solutions for analyzing massive amounts of data for Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly detection. • Smart Building solutions that lower the cost, complexity, time to transform apartment buildings into connected ecosystems. • E-bike rental service platform: tracking, charging, and more.

How do we work within the team?

Our team takes pride in our deep technical expertise. We enable our team to earn the certifications and take the courses to gain the career skills they want. Our well-established and successful business processes start with an in-depth onboarding program with mentoring by colleagues and carry through to goal-oriented Performance Reviews. Our executive team is dedicated to being always accessible, including regularly-held company-wide Ask Me Anything sessions.

How do we rest?

We’re not all work - and for the enthusiastic and dedicated technologists on our teams, our work may as well be play... project teams conduct team buildings, and at the company level, we celebrate professional holidays and organize corporate events. Fun is in our DNA.

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Virtual Open House Events

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