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ITS is a cloud technology company, a place for professional growth, development, innovation, creativity, self-expression, where knowledge and expertise are being used in the digital world.
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Our team
Evgenia Ivanova
Human Resource Director

At ITS Poland, we strive to ensure that the business we conduct, the working relationships we build, and the environment we create are shaped by the people involved and the human experience created in the process.

Pavel Sirotkin
Delivery Manager

I changed two companies before I found ITS: a company with experienced people and effective practices, while actively developing. That's why we have been together for 7 years now!

Stepanenko Nataliia
Recruitment Specialist

At ITS Poland we value every candidate's time! We don't have long interview stages and technical tasks! Send in your resume and you'll find that the hiring process can be comfortable and fun!

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What We Offer

The possibility of cooperation with Tier 1 companies from around the world in the field of cloud technologies, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence on a global scale. Our customers can be sure that their products and services meet the highest requirements and standards. Our priorities are your success and mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

What We Adapt

We will make your products and services reliable, scalable, and secure. We trust the cloud computing market leaders and have been effectively using their solutions for our Fortune 500 customers for more than 15 years. Direct partnership with the leaders gives our clients an advantage in solving their non-standard tasks and challenges.


We are concerned about what kind of world we will live in tomorrow. Climate change, resource scarcity, and pollution of nature are already a reality. We believe that Smart Home, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and modern communications will help to use the planet’s resources more reasonably, reduce harmful emissions, and improve longevity and quality of life for people.

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