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Intellias is a technology enabler for the world’s leading companies. We create a comfortable environment for our 2500 specialists, which helps them develop unique software solutions for more than 2 million people globally.

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Senior/Lead .Net Engineer

Hi, I’m Tomasz. We’ve got a tight-knit team here. It’s great that Intellias offers opportunities to switch to one of the company’s many projects. Everything’s organized smoothly, and nothing disrupts friendly atmosphere.


Senior Business Analyst

Hi, I’m Irena. To me, it feels like Intellias manages to preserve a snug and warm vibe of an enthusiastic team, while also growing fast and exploring new countries, industries, and markets. It inspires me a lot.


Senior JavaScript Engineer

Hi, I’m Orest. I love Intellias for its people-centric approach. Here I feel comfortable and free. Besides, there are many Senior engineers in the company, whose experience spurs my professional growth.

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People over processes

Intellias’ working processes are constantly evolving. We change and adjust them to meet the needs of our specialists. One of our latest innovations is Career Hub, a portal that allows people to manage their careers. Starting from relocation requests and finishing with mentorship programs, your professional development is up to you and available at any time.

Values that matter

Equality and inclusion are Intellias' never-changing values. We have recently signed Women Empowerment Principles initiated by UN and UN Women and move forward in this direction. We create a comfortable environment for our specialists and believe that the best tech solutions can be only developed in an atmosphere of equality, respect, and support.

Automotive leadership

Intellias has strong and globally recognized automotive expertise. The list of our clients includes the world’s leading automotive corporations. We leverage experience in digital mapping, ADAS engineering, ML, and AI algorithms to develop highly automated and adaptive driving systems enabling an autonomous future.


We want to see our cities sustainable and eco-friendly. With that in mind, we start with ourselves, supporting the bike-friendly culture. We are conscious of our own health and that of our planet. That’s why we create more sustainable offices and reduce waste.


We create great workplaces, not for the sake of awards, but it’s always nice to see our efforts appreciated by reputable ratings. Intellias has been named as one of the best IT employers by Forbes and E&Y. More to that, we’ve been listed among the world’s top service providers according to Clutch, IAOP, and GSA.

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    Zabłocie 43B


    Pappelallee 78/79


    Panasa Myrnoho Street 24


    Kyrylivska Street 15 and 39

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