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About us
Indoorway - an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company that allows Industry 4.0 companies to improve productivity and safety thanks to insights and automation based on accurate and real-time location data of moving assets.
Company size
IoT, Industry 4.0
Our team
I dedicate a lot of time to communicating with the team to make sure that everyone understand our goals. I want to create an environment where people enjoy what they do and can work without unnecessary distractions.
Brand Designer
I was helping to develop companies involved in presentations design for over past few years, now I take care of the visual side of our company so that we can communicate our product's capabilities even better.
UX/Product Designer
With over 20 years of working with various creative outlets I'm responsible for our digital product design.
Our offices

Warszawa, Wróbla 35 - 52.176417, 21.0320779

Company insight
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Our people
Despite different hobbies, different languages and different age, deep in the heart we are all the same. Craving for creating a disruptive technology that change the industry and our love for goofing around is what unites us.
Our product
Indoorway solution is a real-time location tracking system that provides performance data on manufacturing and intralogistics processes to drive optimization.
Indoorway system is based on the infrastructure consisting of tags and hubs, which, thanks to the precise Ultra-wideband technology, provide an accurate location of assets within industrial spaces.