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About us
IDEMIA specialises in areas of identity verification, digital payments and all issues related to the virtualisation of classic tools - SIM cards, payment cards or passports and ID cards. We introduced the concept of Augmented Identity, changing the understanding, use and protection of the value that is our identity. 

We help users to function in the digital environment that surrounds us. Our office in Łódź is located in a historic villa in the city center, our teams are built in the spirit of autonomy and agility. We employ 300 people. We are also the largest IDEMIA R&D center in the world.
Company size
Our team
Software Developer
Tobiasz involves in conducting classes at the university and training for young programmers. He can devote more energy and time if he believes in the idea. Currently, he is programming in pure (not so popular) Java 11.
Team Leader
Justyna is experienced QA Engineer and team leader. The team delivers systems that in secure and remote way manage subscriptions on different devices such as payment terminals, cars, meters, e-book readers.
Tech Leader
Przemek is the tech leader in the Identity domain. He calls himself mobile enthusiast. Currently responsible for delivering top natch mobile solutions leveraging biometric security features and standards.
Our offices

Łódź, Jaracza 62/64 - 51.774, 19.4697001

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What we do
Our domains are payments, IoT and biometrics. Thanks to our solutions, it is possible to digitalize payment cards and use the phone as a multi-tasking device. Opening a car with a selfie? No problem! Our producst are used by the best global IT and Telco brands, and we care for the safety of users' data.
Our team
Our goal is to create your own products based on the latest technologies. The key to success are teams: autonomous, interdisciplinary, covering all the necessary skills.
Where to find us
Of course, in Lodz! Sometimes even in the yard of our historic villa, on deckchairs... This is where the best ideas come up!