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At Housecall Pro, we help home service professionals who support America’s 100 million homes. Our core SaaS platform lets them manage their everyday business smoothly and replaces tons of paperwork with automated digitalized processes.

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Marcin Grodzicki

General Manager

Marcin is the General Manager of the whole Polish department. He’s responsible for building Polish squads and enhancing their performance. If you have any questions or problems to solve, you can always count on this guy!

Szymon Baranowski

Director of Engineering

One of the most dedicated and people-oriented directors of engineering you've ever met, and a great software engineer with a strong technical background. He specializes in backend technologies, especially Ruby on Rails.

Piotr Palczewski

Director of Engineering

Piotr manages half of our Polish squads. He's not only a great and dedicated manager but also a multi-skilled engineer. Piotr specializes in the backend, clouds, and DevOps technologies.

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Who is Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is a fintech company founded in 2013. Our SaaS platform helps Home Service Professionals to operate their businesses. We create the application for plumbers, electricians, and other Pros in the home service industry

Our core product helps our clients with scheduling, dispatching, job management, invoicing, payment processing, marketing, and more. They used to struggle with the tone of paperwork after their hours. Now they can save time, and manage their business in one app.

We’re constantly growing

We support more than 27 000 businesses and have over 1 000 ambitious, mission-driven employees in San Diego, Denver, and all over the world (including 100 product builders in Poland 🇵🇱).

We're not gonna stop on this! We're still scaling our product and developing new functionalities for our users. That's why we're building new teams.

We are customer obsessed

Our clients are a very special group. They’re great professionals, work hard and they’re not afraid to dirty their hands. However, for some of them using digital apps may be quite a challenge.

Our role is to make it comfortable and helpful. Our product must be easy to use and clear. The whole magic happens under the surface! That’s why we’re in constant contact with our users, to test new functionalities with them and collect their feedback.

Culture fit is everything to us!

We work 100% remotely in a dispersed team, that's why the culture fit of our teams is everything to us! Your values, personality, and social skills are as important as your technical abilities (or even more). You will feel that on the very first day if you join us.

We’re looking for people who are reliable, committed, and open to sharing their thoughts. We value a team-first approach higher than the best, but lonely rock stars. Sounds like your place to be? Wait no more and join our team! :)

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    4180 Wynkoop Street

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Engineering Manager (RoR)
Engineering Manager (RoR)
8 500 - 11 000 USD
3d ago
8.5k - 11k USD
Housecall Pro
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