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Our mission is to create developer tools to help developers to build enterprise software easier and quicker. Handsontable, our flagship product, became one of the most popular JavaScript data grids in the world.

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Chris Spilka


Chris is an experienced product manager providing leadership since Handsontable's first commercial release. Chris leads and develops our strategic activities.

Marcin Warpechowski


Marcin for over 10 years has been leading and engaging technical teams to deliver high-performing front-end solutions.

Natalia Syryca

Enterprise Account Executive

Natalia implements the sales strategies and builds strong relationships with our customers to ensure their satisfaction with our products.

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How we delivered a change for HouseMark

HouseMark is a membership organization based in London, UK. They use Handsontable to gather insight from across all areas of housing providers to show them what's possible, how they could perform better, and they could make it happen.

Visit them at https://www.housemark.co.uk/

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    Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98

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