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About us
Growbots was born in Warsaw, Poland in Dec 2014. Today we have around 70 people in Warsaw (HQ, 100% product development), San Francisco and Cleveland (sales).

We connect businesses across the world using our proprietary machine learning. Looks like we are good at that - today we have 600+ clients who love the product.
Company size
Our team
Grzegorz Pietruszyński
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Greg’s the head and the face of Growbots. He makes sure that we keep growing by mastering investor relations and coming up with the right strategy.
Łukasz Deka
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Luke is responsible for leaving our competitors in the dust by making sure our product is second to none. He manages the whole product area ensuring Growbots exceeds our customer’s needs.
Adam Mazan
Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Adam’s the captain of our ship. He lends his watchful eye to maintaining control over all our business operations and brings all parts of the company together.
Our offices

Warszawa, Hoża, 51 - 52.2251938, 21.0097986

Company insight
Take a closer look
What makes us different: OUR PRODUCT
Growbots mission is to match all business needs with the right solutions. Currently, our customers use Growbots to discover and connect with their future customers all around the world... Our vision is to go even further. We aspire to be the best, and we draw inspiration from the most successful companies.
What makes us different: OUR PEOPLE
What really makes this place unique are the people. There are so many different individuals, but deep in the heart, we are quite the same. We’re fighters and we never give up. We have this special mix of humbleness, constantly strive for the better, passion and a crazy rush towards brighter future is something which can give us the ultimate competitive advantage.
What makes us different: OUR CULTURE
1. Nothing can be done without people. We truly believe in our product, but we also believe, to some extent of course, that it’s not about what we do, but with whom. It’s about who we share our time and our dreams with.
2. Engagement- nothing great was ever built without passion so we want you to put all your heart in what you do.
3. Our customers are our responsibility and everything we do, we do ultimately for our customers.
4. The world is not enough! Strive for perfection :)