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About us
Gigaset Communications Polska Sp. z o.o. is a research and development facility of Gigaset AG, a European leader in consumer electronics. It is here in Wroclaw where we develop software for all the brand’s products: SIP/DECT phones, IP PBXs, Bluetooth accessories, smart home (IoT) systems as well as iOS and Android apps. Working here, we have a real impact on the quality of devices and applications that are used by our consumers around the world.
Company size
Our team
Tests & Integration Manager
Makes every effort to assure best quality of Gigaset products - we want them to be bugless!
HR Specialist
Takes care of recruitment processes at Gigaset. You probably meet her during your interview :)
Business Solutions Manager
Manages the biggest department at Gigaset Communiactions Polska that creates products for our business customers.
Senior Automation Tester
An expert from our Test Automation Team. He enjoys sharing knowledge about our testing frame work PyGATS. You can meet him at various workshops and lectures.
DevOps Engineer
She is a member of our Operations Team. Puppet, Docker, Grafana: these are her super powers. A Linux expert, a lecturer for students and a great colleague.
Our offices

Wrocław, Robotnicza 42 - 51.1112595, 17.0016919

Company insight
Take a closer look
Communication is of absolute importance
In Gigaset, we carry out projects together – thanks to the flat structure, every employee influences how projects are performed, which also means the quality and shape of our products. Communication is a focus of attention for us – from network devices up to advanced machine-learning solutions.
We look into the future
We are an R&D facility: our activities are future- and innovation-driven. We aim to constantly improve our products. We develop our business telephony, smart home (IoT) and mobile telephony-based projects according to agile software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban). We allow our employees to use their potential and grow.
We form a united team :)
We work in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Working in Gigaset, you can rely on your team’s support. We value information sharing – here you can learn best practices from world-class experts 😊 We believe in you and your potential.
“German Quality” is an obligation
Gigaset has an extensive experience in carrying out telecommunications-based projects. As a modern international company, in all our locations we pay particular attention to the traditional German quality of our products. We know this would be impossible to achieve without adopting such values as responsibility, credibility and innovation.