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Gamefound is a rapidly developing crowdfunding platform focused on tabletop games. We are driven by a passion and we work as a team, where everyone has a say and can influence the final look of the product. Join Us to create crowdfunding market!

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If you're passionate about games and programming at the same time and want to work in a fast-growing and cutting-edge company, Gamefound is the place for you.


Head of Backend Development

Our team is responsible for implementing core functionalities in Gamefound and we are always trying to improve our old code or apply better architectural solutions.


Head of QA

We were born to break things, that's why we became testers. Our main goal is to make sure that everything works as it should and automate repeatable work.

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Gamefound Office

Welcome in our office:)

The beginning

Gamefound creators, Awaken Realms, made their first crowdfunding campaign in 2015. And they (or maybe better: "we", as Gamefound is a part of the Awaken Realms group) learned in a hard way that if you need to have even minimum shipping options, you have to take care of it on your own. That's why we created a simplistic tool that worked as a very limited pledge manager. It didn't have a name yet but worked well enough to solve the problems of two external creators, too.

The evolution

Soon, the platform became too slow and limited to fulfill the increasing demand of creators, so in 2016 our CTO stepped in with the Gamefound prototype. Since then, it's been evolving, and new features and improvements are added weekly. The growth of the platform accelerated in time. In March 2019 we celebrated the 100,000th backer on our platform. Exactly a year later, on the 5th of March 2020, the 100th creator launched a project.


We've passed the mark of half a million backers, and we've already hosted projects from hundreds of creators. We feel we're ready for the next step in Gamefound's history: a robust, complete solution for both creators and backers, that can host the great board games campaign from the early draft to the very last late pledge!
In February 2022 a recognized board game publisher, Ravensburger, joined us as a strategic investor.

our office


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