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Come and work in the Engineering team at Fresha! We’re a fast-growing global platform that is revolutionizing the beauty&wellness industry. Given our scale and our growth, we are looking to find the best engineers to come and join us on our mission.

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Kamil Kowalski

Lead Architect

Drives the technical vision behind Fresha, working with a team of talented engineers to build the best B&W platform in the world. Focused on scaling out our product and making sure we move forward at an astonishing pace.

Zuzia Kruszczyńska

Back-End Engineer

Backend engineer with experience in diverse industries like mobility solutions or mobile games. She's interested in improving software products with functional programming attitude.

Piotr Kowalski

Engineering Manager

EM with Ruby and Elixir background. Focused on removing friction and providing the best environment for engineers to get things done. Fan of tabletop RPGs in his free time.

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THIS software is shaping up to be THE SALON SOFTWARE YOU WANT in your establishment

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    Al. Jerozolimskie 81

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