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About us
We’ve exponentially grown from a team of 2 to a team of 70 inhouse technical experts since 2013. We foster development, creativity, and trust with our employees & customers alike. We carry out short and long-term projects in every area where there is a business need related to technology.
At the beginning of 2019 we established cooperation with Digital Knights, a digital hub associating the best of the best. Our newest activity  is the investment in presence and recognizability on the US market.
Company size
Our team
Sebastian Janeczek
Front-end developer
Passionate and creative developer, always looking for a challenge and chance to extend knowledge. Traveler, addicted to jokes and laugh. Snowboard lover, adventure seeker. React.js trainer.
Piotr Grzesiak
QA lead
Perceptive, friendly, open-minded person, for whom nothing is impossible. Coca-cola addict, board games fan, guitar player. “Been there, seen that, done that”.
Krzysiek Białek
Back-end developer
Software craftsmanship. Incredibly patient mentor, an oasis of calm and wisdom. Bike enthusiast.
Kamil Kurzyca
Data Scientist
Inquisitive mathematician & investigative physicists. Sport enthusiast, science freak. Machine Learning trainer.
Sara Pietrzyńska
Junior Marketing Specialist
Our graphic designer and social media ninja. Very creative mind and a great teammate. Cheesecake lover and Friends fan (we call her "Rachel")
Gosia Majcherek
Employer Branding Specialist
Your first (and the most valuable) contact at Company's mother with specialization in troubleshooting. Cat lover, Star Wars & Harry Potter psychofan.
Our offices

Rybnik, ul. 3 Maja 30 - 50.087873, 18.5433816

Company insight
Take a closer look
The easiest way to build trust among employees is to be transparent. We've got nothing to hide. Ask us anything and you'll get a genuine answer. And we are open up for your feedback.
As an agile organization, our company structure is flat with just one stage of top management. It means our teams are responsible for their work, tasks, plans and value increment. As a team you are experts so you know best, what to do, when, and how.
We believe that continuous development is possible thanks to regular feedback we give each other. We listen actively not only our customers and partners but employees primarily. Each opinion is priceless because our power is people.
Strengthsfinder assessment
The Strengthsfinder assessment test is just the beginning - it discovers your natural skills. Later on, we support you in planning your development path and reaching your goals.
Team spirit
Steve Jobs said: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” That is why at we achieve great things in business. Because we are a great team of people.
Company's development depends on employees development. At you can attend training conducted by internal or external trainers.