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At Ethworks, we value organic growth. You deploy code from day 1, get an individual coach, and take part in internal tech talks. We work with blockchain—one of the fastest growing techs—and our clients are the most recognized brands in this space.
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Our team

Marek Kirejczyk
CEO, owner

Involved in the blockchain community since 2013 when he started working on his first Bitcoin project. A devoted open-source contributor leading the development of popular libraries such as UniLogin, Waffle, ethereum.rb.

Natalia Kirejczyk
Lead Blockchain UI & UX Designer, owner

11 years of experience in designing advanced websites and applications for varied clients from around the world. She can design anything. Anything.

Krzysztof Jelski

Test-drives all EthWorks code and helps others do that. Perceives technical excellence as the way to achieve not only superior quality but also great organisational performance.

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EthWorks: the Movie

Just watch how we celebrated our second birthday. Looks good?

EthWorks: the Movie

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