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About us
EthWorks does projects - design and development - around Ethereum technology: prototyping, smart contracts, and Dapps, training and consulting.
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Our team
Marek Kirejczyk
CEO, owner
Part of blockchain community from 2013, when his company was working on first blockchain projects. Open-source contributor, leading the development of popular libraries like UniversalLogins, Waflle, and ethereum.rb.
Natalia Kirejczyk
Lead Blockchain UI & UX Designer, owner
For over 11 years Natalia has designed advanced websites and applications for many clients from around the world. She can design everything. Everything.
Antek Kędrecki
CTO, Senior Blockchain developer, and owner
The strongest technologist in the organization - architect, thinker, researcher, tester and tinkerer.
Our offices

Warszawa, Marszałkowska 58/27 - 52.2238709, 21.015783

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EthWorks - the movie
Just watch how we celebrated one year of hard work. Do you like it?