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About us
In Elitmind we create and implement solutions that change the face of business. We specialise in IT consulting, especially Business Intelligence services, advanced analytics, and data management connected with SQL Server platform. We aim at building modern solutions for our clients based on the information in data.
Company size
BI, Data Analysis
Our team
Radek Kępa
Digital Advisor & Founder
Radek is an adviser to strategic clients and a project leader. He ran projects for the largest clients in Poland as a data solution architect, also on behalf of Microsoft Poland.
Robert Woźniak
Digital Advisor & Founder
Robert is a data warehouse architecture expert with experience in many business areas , who is currently running strategic projects. He’s been involved in dozens of projects which he managed.
Paweł Potasiński
Paweł is a data solution architect who evangelizes the community in the field of Data & AI areas. As a Chief Technology Officer, he also cares about the development of team competence at Elitmind.
Our offices

Warszawa, Grzybowska 87 - 52.2324361, 20.9779347

Kraków, Przy Rondzie 4 - 50.0640721, 19.9607631

Company insight
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That's how it started...
In 2015, based on many years of experience in IT consulting and project management, two experts: Radosław Kępa and Robert Woźniak decided to join forces and together develop their passion for creating business solutions under the name, Elitmind.
We have a great team!
This is how a place where every day we use the potential hidden in data was created.
Thanks to the experienced team and the business-oriented approach, we build the competitive advantage of our clients.

Since the beginning, we, at Elitmind, have been working with enthusiasts who are not afraid of challenges.

Find out who we are and what we believe in ....
Be Bold
We are not afraid of new, cutting-edge solutions and speaking up.. We accept risks and create opportunities.
We like to challenge the status quo! :)
Turn on your energy
We believe in the power of enthusiasm that inspires others.
We constantly improve our skills and create innovative solutions and, at the same time, keep up with and set trends.
We are the ones who value working in a non-corporate, inspiring environment, where every day you can learn something new.
Have Impact
We create solutions, help to look at the problem from a different perspective and make the best decisions. We take responsibility for what we deliver and for the growth of the company.
We drive changes in organisations and get involved in the community, speak at conferences and meetups.
Build Trust
We make a good team. We share common goals, we like to work and hang out with each other.
We value and rely on honest, open communication. If there is an open door policy, we can say we have no door ;)
Be Agile
We design flexible solutions.
We prefer responding to customer expectations over following a plan. We embrace the change to be innovative and competitive while minimazing unproductive work.
We are constantly changing for the better.