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About us
EL Passion is a leading software house based in Warsaw. We build products, partnerships, experiences and communities. We are powered by passion for excellence and continuous learning and believe in transparency, outstanding craftsmanship and team-spirit.

Working at EL Passion means you’ll:
- develop stunning web and mobile apps for startups around the world
- be surrounded by opportunities to learn and experiment - work with a highly talented and ambitious bunch of people, who value your opinion
- work with people who respect great craftsmanship and don't compromise on quality
Company size
Web & mobile apps
Our team
Natalie Pilling
Visionary & dreamer, Natalie sets the direction for the development of EL Passion. In her everyday work, she's a strong believer in tech as a tool to improve our everyday lives and a fan of continuous learning
Karol Sarnacki
Before becoming a three-letter acronym, for more than a decade he had been a software developer, steadily falling in love with Ruby. Now he cares deeply about helping other people grow into great developers.
Grzegorz Kemski
Grzegorz used to think that he’s a Scorpio, but according to NASA he's actually a diplomatic and gracious Libra. When he’s not imagining the 10th dimension, he’s building a great organisational culture at EL Passion.
Our offices

Warszawa, Warsaw Spire - 52.2322584, 20.9842694

Company insight
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EL Passion making noise
Here are a few memories of the whole EL Passion team having some really noisy fun at a company get - together.