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edrone provides advanced Marketing Automation solutions. In the AVA project we are a team of engineers and data scientists working to employ state-of-the-art AI technologies and provide revolutionary voice search experience for e-commerce.


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Piotr Stachowicz

Chief Technology Officer

Passionate about cloud computing and big data challenges. Huge fan of MVP and DevOps approach to software delivery. He built both of edrone engineering teams from scratch: CORE & AVA.

Maciej Mendrela

Engineering Lead - Core Team

Software Engineer, Leading Engineering CORE of edrone, with over 6 years of professional experience resulting in practical knowledge and skills surrounding microservices, API design and Front-end development.

Szymon Łęski

AI Lead - AVA Team

Physicist (PhD in mathematical physics). Worked in computational neuroscience and neuroinformatic. In 2016 moved from academia to industry with the intention of working in Natural Language Processing projects.

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In 2020, after bootstrapping for four years, our growth trajectory was noticed by investors.
Hungarian VC firm Portfolion shared our vision for edrone as a one-stop-shop for eCommerce and made a Series Pre-A investment of U$2.5M, which is fueling our growth even more in our process of:
1. developing our operations in the EU and LATAM regions. In Europe.
2. Hiring over 100 people in the 12-month period after the investment.

Research & Development GRANT from NCRD

In addition to the VC funding, we’ve received a U$ 2.8 million R&D grant from Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development specifically to develop AVA.
We have an entire department of engineers, AI specialists and data scientists working on it, led by world-class experts in NLP, and have already made huge progress.

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