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About us
Our digital teams are a part of a bigger technological family of Engineering Design Center (EDC), located in Warsaw. Almost 20 years ago a global company, General Electric, together with Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Aviation decided to cooperate with each other and build our international organization. We are those superheroes who present new opportunities, new ideas and totally new solutions regarding the Industrial Internet of Things.
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Aviation, Power
Our team
Łukasz Mucha
Software Engineering Manager
Candor & transparency are the most important behaviors that I value in our daily work. We have to feel safe & comfortable, as a leader I see this is as my highest priority, create a space for open & honest discussions.
Małgorzata Kojro-Piotrowska
Software Engineering Manager
We have amazing people that have skills, expertise and passion. My role is help them understand bigger picture, business context and priorities. I focus on creating an open, collaborative and safe environment.
Piotr Jatkiewicz
User Experience Designer
EDC campus is an inspiring space for hi-tech enthusiasts. We work on complex projects, which requires great amount of collective thinking and creates an opportunity for interesting discussion and knowledge sharing.
Our offices

Warszawa, Al. Krakowska 110/114 - 52.1789148, 20.9503199

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GE Aviation in Poland
Poland’s passion for aviation has been there for years. Our tradition and experience in this area turned 100 last year and yet we are extremely vigorous today! With an addition of 80-year-old history of aerospace industry, nowadays we offer a truly expert approach towards aeronautical engineering business.
On December 7th we hosted ConFrontJS conference as a part of cooperation with WarsawJS – one of the biggest communities of JavaScript enthusiasts, which is focused on sharing their experience in different fields in which JS is used, from web browsers, to servers, dev tools, mobiles, smart TVs, micro controllers, databases, video games and so on.
In one day more than 300 front-end developers had the opportunity to listen to 16 lectures by speakers from all over the world. One of the lecturers was Przemysław Zych our Staff Software Engineer. Przemek talked about “Building infrastructure using TypeScript”. His lecture was very enthusiastically received by the audience.