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We flourish in a culture of innovation, where bytes run in our veins and code fills our brains. We provide intelligent solutions that exceed market standards over the light years. We are the market leaders in application performance and more.

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Adam Jakubowski

Development Lab Lead

I'm absolutely obsessed with computers, customers and people. I started programming when I was ten, beginning in BASIC on C64. Concentrated on developing a global leading product in Software Intelligence space!

Krzysztof Hoja

Director, Product Architecture

Looking for software developers, architects, product managers wanting to take up challenge: developing a global leading product in Software Intelligence space, which changes the face and the direction of tech industry.

Maciej Kosmulski

Senior Technical Product Manager

I'm an entrepreneur and Senior Product Manager, experienced in UX & Product Design. I'm responsible for building and driving the UX Designers Team in Gdansk Lab.

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Dynatrace Gdansk Lab Annual Party 2018

Take a peak to see how we @ Dynatrace Lab Gdansk party! We create THE best Software Intelligence product, because the world needs software to work perfectly and we make THE best parties because we are an awesome team! Check out how saved the world, before hitting the beach and partying long into the night, better yet, live it by joining us!

Dynatrace - Software Intelligence

We thrive in a culture of innovation, with bytes running through our veins and code filling our brains. We deliver smart solutions that beat market standards by light years.

We believe that thanks to us, the world changes for better, as we enable the great software people use daily around the world to work perfectly.

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    Grunwaldzka 411

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