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Droids On Roids

Droids On Roids is a world-class mobile and web app development company from Poland, established in 2011. We are well known as a top android development company, top ios development company, top web app development company, and top product design company. The 100% office-based team of 60+ talented professionals serves clients throughout the world, mostly in the US and UK. They completed over 130 projects from various categories: Mobile commerce, Internet of Things, Fintech, Digital Transformation, MedTech, Lifestyle and Social, and more.

Software HouseIT+60Wrocław

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iOS Developer

It’s impossible to get bored at Droids On Roids! You need to be smart and come up with some extraordinary ideas to solve the problems of our Clients!


Android Developer

One of the best opportunities Droids On Roids gives me is the possibility to take part in many additional activities, such as our Toast Meetups, where we share knowledge about Android with people from all over Poland!


iOS Developer

The coolest thing here is that you feel you’re a part of the community. Here, every project ending, every birthday and every occasion is celebrated. If I were to describe the company in one word, I would say openness.

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We respect that everyone is different and might have his or her own opinion. We are not afraid of changes. We are happy when someone gives us a fresh look.


We are aware that our work has an influence on other people’s work, so we keep to the commitments that we make.
And we perform all tasks with the highest quality.


Our goal is to be the very best. We constantly take up new challenges & develop ourselves. We learn, support, draw conclusions and constantly develop.


We’re a team and we operate like one - we listen, trust and help each other. We integrate and spend time together. Because a well-coordinated team is a well-coordinated work.


We are passionate about what we do and we inspire the people around us. We run events where we want to inspire others.

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    Ruska 51B

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