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We are a Cracow-based software house that provides web development services to customers worldwide. The technologies we mainly use are Java and JavaScript. The flat structure in our company makes you feel at home.

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Maciek Tułaza

Backend Developer

Maciek fell into the cauldron with Java when he was a kid. Easygoing but always focused on results. Do you have any problem? He already has the solution for it.

Dominik Przystał

UI/UX Designer

Perfection and beauty are not the words that describe Dominik but his work. He likes to talk a lot and is always worth to listen. The way he explains and teaches is indescribable.

Bartosz Cieśla

Recruitment Specialist

Conversation with him is always a pleasure. Always smiling and willing to help. Bartek knows the answer to every question, even if not, he will come up with something.

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Get To Know Us!

In Digital Colliers we put people above everything else because we strongly believe that great people create great companies.

We value independence and resourcefulness. We will fully support your career path and help you identify both your potential and areas for improvement. Most importantly, we expect from you eagerness and willingness to learn and grow.

We do not cut down, we help to fly.

Quarterly Integration Trips

At Digital Colliers, we love remote work.

We know that it is difficult to build the relationships necessary in the team from a distance, so we meet once a quarter on integration trips. Every quarter we spend a few days in picturesque scenery catching up and having fun together.

See what our trip to Zakopane looked like. Video from Tuscany soon :)

Christmas Time

Christmas is a time for family and yuletide joy which we made even more special. Together with Poczta Polska, we've prepared small gifts for our comrades :)!

Thank you for being with us, and wish you peaceful and happy Christmas!

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