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About us
DeSmart is an excellent team of people who have been writing good code since 2003. Recently, we have become teal. A teal organisation is one with a flat structure. A trainee, a senior developer and the CEO all have the same rights. Every member of the team has an influence on the decisions made, even those concerning the company’s financial issues. Everyone's opinion is appreciated, respected and taken into account. Is it a utopia? It’s not, although if you want to become or join a teal organization, you need to change your mindset. We have plenty of successes, and we learn from our mistakes.
Company size
Software Development
Our team
Bartek Rożan
PM, Co-founder
Bartek lays huge emphasis on efficient communication both with clients and in the team. However, Bartek practices being a great team player not only in DeSmart, but also on a basketball court.
Kamil Fojuth
CTO, Backend Developer
He has many years’ experience in PHP and is a passionate of JS. He’s always liked maths and physics, and will freely admit to that:). Apart from a lot of experience in back- and front-end, he has great sense of humour.
Piotr Duszyński
CEO, Founder
The founder of Desmart who builds the real spirit of our team. In 2003 in his flat he gathered a team of programmers who later turned into a software house. A man of many talents, not only in programming or leadership.
Our offices

Gdynia, Antoniego Abrahama 37/8 - 54.5180411, 18.5408447

Company insight
Take a closer look
Working in a teal organization.
DeSmart is so-called "Teal Organization" meaning that you will have access to the company's revenue, decisions about any aspects of the company such as choosing a technology, choosing new projects, a company's strategy or even which toilet paper we need to buy ;) On a quarterly basis we share the profit we all earned on projects - together we decide how much we want to spend on new things, conferences, hiring new people and making the company grow. Talk to us, we will tell you more about that :)
D-Day - What Can Be Done In One Day?
At Desmart we believe that besides your daily tasks you should be able to work on your own projects and take ownership of solving unsolved issues. That’s why we have created the D-Day. The concept is simple. Once per quarter we leave our daily duties and we focus on our own ideas, challenges and we work together to deliver something at the end of the day.
Think outside the box!
Desmart’s team while building a Rube Goldberg machine. The whole thing is a great visual analogy for teamwork, troubleshooting and the ability to think way outside the box. For us it was a piece of cake!
Sharing knowledge. React'Up.
React'Up is a meetup group for people who want to learn more about React and React Native, discuss new features, new tools, present examples and their solutions. The idea of creating a meetup group came up in DeTeam, because we felt that the community for React Native developers in Tricity was sorely lacking.
Be grateful. Our own PanDa bot.
When someone helps you out with an SQL problem, shares some neat trick in Laravel, or shows you an IDE feature that you didn’t know, a simple “thank you” is usually enough But at Desmart, we wanted to go one step further and build a recognition-rich culture.
We created  our own internal micro-bonuses platform integrated with Slack, a communication tool that we use on a daily basis . We decided to give it a go. We called it PanDa.