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We invented OMNIcookie, a cookie for the physical world. It combines offline stores with online advertising, revolutionizing the advertising industry and retail. Cosmose achieves its location accuracy, without beacons, equipment or installations.
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Chief Technology Officer

Our CTO Karol Kurach is one of the world’s best AI experts. Karol joined us from Google Brain where he was a driving force of AI behind Gmail.

Senior Product Designer

Award-winning designer with multidisciplinary experience in creating digital solutions. Driven by user needs in order to craft delightful products from scratch.

Senior Java Developer

Passionate Java Developer. Fan of spring (both season and the framework). Interested in sports (particularly NBA), watches and yearly Pol'and'Rock atendee.

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Our Story

Cosmose was founded by Miron Mironiuk. Miron began his career at DDB Worldwide Communications, where he founded network’s first digital media planning department and worked with over 20 clients incl. Unilever, Philips, McDonald’s and Pandora Jewelry. After several years of never seeing an adequate solution to integrate offline retail with online advertising, Miron founded Cosmose in 2014.

Exceptional engineering and design

We are a team of engineers and media planners, and we hold the products we craft to the highest standard. We believe that exceptionally designed and engineered product is key in delivering the best results and experience to our clients.

Offline, Online, Equal

Amazon knows everything there is to know about what people are doing online and is using that for ultra precise recommendations and advertising. As powerful as this technology is, it's limited to ecommerce, which accounts for only 20% of retail. Cosmose empowers the remaining 80% of stores, so they can have fair chance at success. Cosmose AI knows everything there is to know about what people are doing offline and is using that for ultra precise recommendations and advertising.


If you want to solve a problem of 28mln shop owners you need to create a solution which is not only effective, but also seamless, simple and universal. That’s why Cosmose technology is hardware free, mobile first and on over 1 billion smartphones already

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Social media
Site Reliabilty Engineer

Site Reliabilty Engineer

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Cosmose AI