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Conscensia – a Danish software development company with headquarters in Aalborg (Denmark) and development centers in Lviv (Ukraine) and Warsaw (Poland). The company focuses on development in JAVA, .NET, JavaScript, Python, PHP, DBA, BI, Mobile, QA.

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Agata Zach

Recruitment Specialist

It would be a pleasure for me to lead you through the recruitment process for our Warsaw Development Center

Nataliya Kravchyshyn

Recruitment Specialist

I will lead you through the recruitment journey at Conscensia. You will like it!

Sonja Strycharska

Delivery Manager

Feel free to contact me in case of any questions about the project, legal support and much more.

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The first office opened in 2006

Conscensia opened its first development center in Lviv, Ukraine in 2006 with the Danish Spar Nord Bank as our first customer. We wanted to create a development center where Danish customers had access to a large talent pool of highly skilled Ukrainian developers.
Over the years, many new customers have been added. We are now more than 200 specialists in Lviv, working with clients. And by the way, Spar Nord Bank is still our customer with whom we celebrated our 15th-anniversary last year.

The office in Poland opened in 2019

For our clients whose projects required software development within the EU, we opened a new development center in Warsaw, Poland in 2019.
Using our proven business model, the best experience, and highly skilled colleagues we succeeded to grow from 1 to over 30 colleagues in Warsaw within 2 years. We have new potential clients, a lot of new vacancies and big plans for the future of our Polish office.

We are growing

Be one of us, join Conscensia!

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    Street Jana Pawła II 22

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